String-Test 2019

VICTOR Strings

Victor VBS 66 N

Victor VBS 66 N in the test

The current VICTOR VBS badminton strings in the test: VBS 63, VBS 66 Nano, VBS 68, VBS 68 Power and VBS 70.

When it comes to strings, VICTOR has been cooperating with Ashaway for years and recommends their ZyMax strings. At the same time, VICTOR has now supplemented its own VBS premium string series and brought it out in a new look. The goal: to have something of convincing quality for every player type. In their first string-only test, the BADLAB racket team got an idea of ​​the extent to which this goal was implemented.

VICTOR VBS 66 N - Rating: 1 2 3 4 5   Average
1. The string conveys a good feel for the stroke (touch/feedback) - - - 2 3   4,6
2. The string has good elasticity and damping properties - - 1 2 2   4,2
3. The string retains its elasticity (trampoline effect) for a very long time - - 3 2 -   3,4
4. The string supports a good length on Clears - - - 3 2   4,4
5. The string supports my underhand play (e.g. in defense) - - 1 1 3   4,2
6. The string provides good control during short game (e.g. cut or short crossball at net) - - 1 1 3   4,4
7. The string offers good, controlled power transmission for hard smashes. - 1 1 - 3   4
8. The string impresses with a good "sound" - 1 - 3 1   3,8
Overall rating             4,13

Assessment: The VICTOR VBS 66 N has convinced in every respect! In particular, the maximum value of 4.6 with the so important feeling of striking speaks for itself. Followed by top values ​​in long clears, control in short play and defense. No string has reached so many highs and is our test winner. We can recommend this string to all types of players for whom a good feel is more important than extreme durability. Because honestly: What good does it do if a string does not break, but is hardly elastic after 2-3 months at the latest?


01. December 2019

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