Due to differences in material, construction and covering, the racket concepts are based on the different types of players: aggressive, defensive, strong on the net or more with smash. The differences can be seen in weight, hardness or flexibility and head or handle heaviness.

What is perfect for one player may be completely unsuitable for the other. There is hardly any objective “good” or “bad” - at least if you assume a certain minimum quality standard for the rackets available.

Our recommendation is therefore: Do not buy now, but try it out yourself to find out your favorite model that best suits your own style of play. You will often find that "more expensive" does not necessarily mean "better".


The equipment also contributes to the fun of playing badminton. For young badminton players, it makes sense at the beginning to play with racquets specially tailored to their needs. For example, shorter shafts are recommended for children, because they allow them to react better and improve handling with the rackets. In addition, the youngest are often easier to do if they have a larger club area.


Badminton is one of the sports where you can quickly start to experience success - especially if you start with suitable equipment. Beginners should choose a racket with a less hard frame, a softer covering and a slightly larger face. All of this helps to even out minor errors. The initially unclean meeting can otherwise lead to the so-called tennis elbow. Hand size and feel should determine the grip strength. However, since the overall impression is important, only a personal test can provide final clarity.


Lighter models such as carbon fiber are recommended for regular court visitors who do not want to get involved in ranking battles in the club. These rackets are easy on the shoulder and quickly improve the game. Top-heavy rackets are suitable for aggressive players and the frame hardness also has an impact on the stroke dynamics. Our tip: Try different rackets, for example from other players, in order to be able to make a decision based on your own feeling and the individual characteristics of the racket.


Anyone who hits the shuttlecock cleanly in distress and already fights for points with more finesse usually needs a harder frame and a harder covering in order to further increase the striking precision. Regardless of whether at district, Bundesliga or international level - an optimal game device can be the decisive factor in a close match. For ambitious players, the price arguments are likely to be in the background.

02. October 2019

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