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YONEX AEROBITE BOOST - 0,72 / 0,61 mm in the test

YONEX has been supplying the international tournament world in badminton with its strings for years. The YONEX BG 80 has become the most popular badminton string among professionals. But there have also been some innovations in recent years such as the super-thin Aerosonic (0.61 mm) or the aerobite hybrid stringing for badminton rackets.
We took a closer look at how these developments compare to the top strings that have been tried and tested over the years.

YONEX AEROBITE BOOST - 0,72 / 0,61 mm rating: 1 2 3 4 5   Average
1. The string conveys a good feel for the stroke (touch/feedback) - - 2 3 -   3,6
2. The string has good elasticity and damping properties - 1 1 2 1   3,6
3. The string retains its elasticity (trampoline effect) for a very long time - - 3 - 2   3,8
4. The string supports a good length on Clears - - - 2 3   4,6
5. The string supports my underhand play (e.g. in defense) - - 1 3 1   4
6. The string provides good control during short game (e.g. cut or short crossball at net) - - 2 1 2   4
7. The string offers a rich, controlled power transmission in hard smashes. - - 2 - 3   4,2
8. The string impresses with a good "sound” - 1 2 2 -   3,2

Rating: The YONEX AEROBITE BOOST = 0.72 / 0.61 mm is the second hybrid string of this series. As the longitudinal string here, an extra thick fiber wound from Vectran (twice as thick as nylon) was used, which with its diameter of 0.72 mm not only ensures significantly longer durability but also reduces the loss of energy on impact. The cross string is the ultra-thin Aerosonic here too. Practical tests have shown that the YONEX Aerobite Boost with its top value of 4.6 is right at the top in the category "support of a good length at Clears". Compared to the normal aerobite, however, our testers could not find any other advantages. Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo, the No. 1 in the world-ranking list in men’s doubles, currently plays this string combination, for example.


19. February 2020

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