The BADMINTON LABORATORY's "racket team" has been making the Hamburg badminton courts unsafe since autumn 2013. But don't worry - the boys and girls are tough only on their equipment! Because they want answers. To the question: Which badminton racket is the right one for me as an ambitious hobby badminton player?


18. February 2020

Test criteria

The individual badminton racket models are described in detail on the websites of badminton brands and retailers: weight, balance, shaft flex, frame structure and material mix. There is also a recommendation for the type of player for which the respective racket could be suitable. Ambitious hobby players can only use this information to a limited extent to help them make a decision when purchasing.

18. February 2020

stringing rackets

The most underestimated part of a badminton racket is the strings. It establishes contact between the racket and the ball, transmits the force and gives the player a feeling for the ball.

When the clothing becomes tired, power, feeling and precision are lost. We often hear from experienced players that it is better to play with a freshly strung mediocre frame than with a top frame and a tired string.

The new stringster app therefore wants to put the stringing in the focus of badminton players by making the string wear visible over time. A good approach, we think! But does that work in practice?

18. February 2020

Racket Tests 2019


We have just completed the test of the AURASPEED 90 S when VICTOR is already adding the new K variants. Of course, the BADLAB racket team had to do that too. For a short practical test we received from VICTOR the new top model AURASPEED 90 K in the specifications U3 G5 and had it strung with a VICTOR VBS 63 with 11 kg.

02. December 2019


Speed is the claim of VICTOR´s new top racket. Our expectations are clear: excellent handling and great ball acceleration. According to the manufacturer, this should be made possible by the new WES and R.T.C technologies, which ensure a higher rebound effect and a better angle for powerful smashes. The shaft, which is still relatively stiff, should, in combination with a light grip, provide excellent drive play and the desired lightness on defensive shots.

02. December 2019


Main actor Marc Zwiebler and director Elmar Sperling in conversation with BADLAB MAGAZINE about the concept of the new YONEX video, the morbid charm of the scenery, the cooperation on set - and hopes for the development of badminton sport in Europe.

02. December 2019


stringing rackets

Kazuhiro Yamaguchi has been a badminton player and professional on the stringing machine at Racket-World in Hamburg since he was five. Here in an interview with Eckhardt Schütt from BADLAB MAGAZINE, "Kazu" gives a few valuable practical tips.


02. December 2019

Yonex Astrox 99

Just in time for the start of sales of the new ASTROX 99, the BADLAB racket group gives the practical test. For this purpose, YONEX had already provided us with four copies of this newest member of the ASTROX family. We tested them all with 11–12 kg for testing - with a YONEX BG 80 or an Aerobite.

02. December 2019


In practice, like the right racket, the right footwear can make the difference. Large manufacturers of badminton equipment such as YONEX, VICTOR, LI NING, FORZA and BABOLAT have specialized in meeting the high demands of badminton shoes. When buying shoes, make sure you have a light, non-slip indoor shoe with good lateral support for optimal manoeuvrability. The damping should not be neglected, because the quick stops, turns and changes in direction put a lot of strain on the joints, ligaments and tendons.

02. December 2019


THE LIGHTNESS OF THE SPEEDS Football professionals and Formula 1 racing drivers enthusiastically play badminton “on the side” to improve their physical and mental responsiveness.

02. December 2019

Yonex Astrox 88

In our January test of the ASTROX 77, we spoke somewhat prematurely of the "new top model of the ASTROX series". But now for advanced badminton players, YONEX has gone one step further with the top-heavy high-end rackets ASTROX 88 S and 88 D - individually tailored to 2 different game types:

02. December 2019

Yonex Astrox 77

New Dimension Graphite, Rotational Generator System, Solid Feel Core, ... more stroke control, higher ball acceleration and steeper attack angles. That sounds promising. And in terms of taste, there is something for everyone with two different colors. But we are not so easily impressed! 10 test players of the BADMINTON LABORATORY racket team played the ASTROX 77 to get an idea of what these new concepts bring in practice.

02. December 2019


1. Badminton is challenging and simple at the same time. Even with beginners there are rallies - but it is a long way to go to badminton at a high level. Nevertheless, it is fun at every level.

2. After running, badminton is the most effective form of training for the cardiovascular system. Half an hour to a full hour twice a week is enough to increase your fitness level a lot.

3. Badminton as an internal combustion engine. You are constantly on the move and the body burns many calories, almost without even realizing it. Lose weight and have fun doing it - where else can you find that?

4. You can play badminton from 7 to 70 years - and even women and men together! There is hardly any other sport. By the way, a Bundesliga team also consists of women and men.

5. You can play badminton almost anywhere. Many cities have one or even several clubs and often also a badminton center. In summer you can even go to the park or garden.

02. November 2019


Due to differences in material, construction and covering, the racket concepts are based on the different types of players: aggressive, defensive, strong on the net or more with smash. The differences can be seen in weight, hardness or flexibility and head or handle heaviness.

02. October 2019

Badminton News


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Carsten Mogensen beendet Karriere

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Warum Lin Dan der Größte ist

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Jan Ø. Jørgensen hört auf

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